Adventure Awaits.

We are spending our last few hours in phoenix at a great little coffee shop while our trailer gets road ready at the shop. Long story, but we took it in for maintenance a few weeks ago and got it back with no brakes and a broken jack…hummm???? Anyways, we are headed to Tucson then will make our way to White Sands NM then Austin TX.

Our time in Phoenix has been great. It’s always so nice to be with friends again and to be able to do life with others and have community again. It’s lonely traveling just the 6 of us sometimes( may blog about that later). 2 of our friends had babies while we were here and we got to be with a bunch of friends for thanksgiving. Our church is going strong at the property and looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas.

Our plan is from TX we will make our way to Florida and stay until winter and snow is over everywhere else. Then we will explore the whole east coast and hopefully visit my family that is over there.

Enough words. Here are some pictures.

Plans change and things happen quick. 

One thing that we have learned and try to remember as we come up with a plan, is that there are so many things that can change. All plans are held loosely. We have to be okay with doing something different or not doing something at all. While most of the times we can see the change of plans coming sometimes we can’t and have to make changes quickly. Thankfully, we are flexible and love spontaneous adventures.

We are going to Spokane for a few weeks then probably the WA coast then down to OR. After that our long term plan is across the south for winter and fall and the east coast for fall/spring and summer. 🙂