Spokane for the week. 

Driving to Spokane for the week. We will be staying at my moms. We have a few dentist appointments and friends to hang out with. Hope to see lots of people. Contact us to hang out.

On our stop we switched drivers. She loves it. 

Will post more pics from our week. Tomorrow we are going to cheer my sister in law on at her first half iron man in CDA.

Things that are hard. 

So we have been settled in our friends driveway for about 2 months and have noticed a few things that are normal life situations, but, that are hard when living in a 5th wheel. One is laundry. We don’t have a way to do it in here or where we are staying, so we fill out basket then go to Scott’s parents and spend a few hours washing it all, throw it into the basket again and get home with wrinkled clothes. That’s not all; when all our laundry is clean we don’t have enough drawer space or hangers for it all to be put away.

Sickness. 2 of the boys were sick and spent over 5 days in bed on what we had as the sick-bed. It took up most of the living room, Aveyah would not stay off it. The puke bowl was next to it but in front of the back door. I only have one set of sheets for that bed.  We couldn’t go anywhere because we didn’t want us to speed the germs so we all spent a lot of time confined in the trailer and we all wanted out. It did t help that it was memorial day weekend, a long weekend we should have camped or somewhere cool.


How fast our gray water tank fills up.  When the dish water doesn’t drain down the sink, it’s time to put on the gloves and haul the blue tank out for at least 4 runs of dumping the water. Oh joy. Never at convenient times and I have to use my precious time while Aveyah is napping to empty it.  To give us a little longer between fill ups we decided to use paper plates which creates another hard issue-trash.  We are using our friends trash and if their roadside bin is full we have to store it and haul it to Scott’s parents house.


Crawling =falling out the door twice, getting to everything and putting it in her mouth, cleaning up all food that falls on the ground, climbing the stairs and falling down. Getting into the bath room and shredding toilet paper or playing in the toilet, following me everywhere.









Not enough room to shop at Costco.we have to store some extra food items on the floor which is double hard with the previous mention of crawling and eating everything.







And just like in any house mice are no fun but for some reason they disgust me more knowing they are in our trailer and we catch them nightly and clean up poop trails constantly. I guess that’s what we get for living on a ranch. Can’t beat the view we have every day though.

Destination Phoenix AZ

We packed up all the stuff we needed from my mom’s house into 2 carry on bags and one checked bag plus each boys personal bag, and headed to Missoula. While in Missoula we got to see so many friends and family before we headed south. It was busy but great. Shane and Brayton also has their Birthdays.

Sunday morning we headed for the airport. Here is a picture to try to capture what it looked like for us to move to Phoenix in via airplane. 2 adults, 4 kids, 1 suitcase, 2 large backpacks, 4 little back packs, one heavy laptop bag, 2 small DVD bags, 1 stroller,1 baby carrier,2 booster seats, 1 car seat and 1 infant car seat with base. 

( Bad picture, Blake is trying to make a shocked face at all our stuff, Shane and I are looking at a different camera)

Thankfully we made it through everything without losing anything or any one this time.

We have been in Phoenix a few days and have had some fun times. Play date at the park. Kids jumping  on the trampoline and riding bikes all day. Birthday dinner celebration with friends. Good coffee from Elevate. We are also  experiencing  some not so good things. First our truck batteries were dead(2 big batteries). We had to replace those immediate because Scott was to work in the office the next day. The master bedroom closet slide out is broken so we can’t get to, or in pack our clothes,  so they stay in a suitcase on the floor. The dirt bikes leaked oil in the back room and the oil is so sticky I can’t even clean it up. I have tried lemon oil, baking soda and scrubbing. That’s a bummer because the boys can’t play back there. 

Then last night we had to evacuate our trailer in the middle of the night due to a toxic smell Scott and I had smelt all night. After  investigating where the sulfur smell was coming from Scott checked the outside of the trailer and found the batteries were not working right and the sulfur gas was being off gassed which just happens to be under the master bedroom. I guess it’s highly flammable and super poisonous if touched. It’s bad to breath to and since we are confined into such a small space we knew we couldn’t stay in there so we packed everyone out and into our friends house at 3:45am. We need to pray over our home. Sitting for 4 months has been hard in it.

Some things we are looking forwards to is getting to have our dog Diesel back. Blake’s birthday on Thursday. A party on Saturday and getting to go to Church Sunday.

The Adventure continues.

Here are some pics.  Aww maybe not…Still learning how to make them under 2MB.