Adventure Awaits.

We are spending our last few hours in phoenix at a great little coffee shop while our trailer gets road ready at the shop. Long story, but we took it in for maintenance a few weeks ago and got it back with no brakes and a broken jack…hummm???? Anyways, we are headed to Tucson then will make our way to White Sands NM then Austin TX.

Our time in Phoenix has been great. It’s always so nice to be with friends again and to be able to do life with others and have community again. It’s lonely traveling just the 6 of us sometimes( may blog about that later). 2 of our friends had babies while we were here and we got to be with a bunch of friends for thanksgiving. Our church is going strong at the property and looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas.

Our plan is from TX we will make our way to Florida and stay until winter and snow is over everywhere else. Then we will explore the whole east coast and hopefully visit my family that is over there.

Enough words. Here are some pictures.

Oh Missoula How We Have Missed You

We got to Missoula Tuesday the 24th. It was a great trip getting here. We left phoenix on the 21st and since that is my birthday I wanted  to see if I could get free coffees along the way. I forgot that we can’t just go anywhere and park to get coffee. I did get one free one and only had to block part of a parking lot. We went to Lone Rock at Lake Powell what a beautiful  place.  We stayed right on the shore. Our neighbor was an awesome lady that let us have a bonfire with her and even made metal hangers into marshmallow sticks for the boys. She took some photos that actually had all 6 of us in them but sadly she never sent them to me.  Makes me wonder if I gave her the wrong number.

We camped at Walmart next to a swampy “pond” and Brayton found a lot of worms.

Next we made it to Fairmont Hot Springs and spent the evening swimming and going down the water slide.

Since being in Missoula we have moved 3 times and now enjoy a great view parked at our friends ranch.

The weekend of Mothers Days and that week we will be in Spokane,WA.

Now to add some pictures…


Destination Phoenix AZ

We packed up all the stuff we needed from my mom’s house into 2 carry on bags and one checked bag plus each boys personal bag, and headed to Missoula. While in Missoula we got to see so many friends and family before we headed south. It was busy but great. Shane and Brayton also has their Birthdays.

Sunday morning we headed for the airport. Here is a picture to try to capture what it looked like for us to move to Phoenix in via airplane. 2 adults, 4 kids, 1 suitcase, 2 large backpacks, 4 little back packs, one heavy laptop bag, 2 small DVD bags, 1 stroller,1 baby carrier,2 booster seats, 1 car seat and 1 infant car seat with base. 

( Bad picture, Blake is trying to make a shocked face at all our stuff, Shane and I are looking at a different camera)

Thankfully we made it through everything without losing anything or any one this time.

We have been in Phoenix a few days and have had some fun times. Play date at the park. Kids jumping  on the trampoline and riding bikes all day. Birthday dinner celebration with friends. Good coffee from Elevate. We are also  experiencing  some not so good things. First our truck batteries were dead(2 big batteries). We had to replace those immediate because Scott was to work in the office the next day. The master bedroom closet slide out is broken so we can’t get to, or in pack our clothes,  so they stay in a suitcase on the floor. The dirt bikes leaked oil in the back room and the oil is so sticky I can’t even clean it up. I have tried lemon oil, baking soda and scrubbing. That’s a bummer because the boys can’t play back there. 

Then last night we had to evacuate our trailer in the middle of the night due to a toxic smell Scott and I had smelt all night. After  investigating where the sulfur smell was coming from Scott checked the outside of the trailer and found the batteries were not working right and the sulfur gas was being off gassed which just happens to be under the master bedroom. I guess it’s highly flammable and super poisonous if touched. It’s bad to breath to and since we are confined into such a small space we knew we couldn’t stay in there so we packed everyone out and into our friends house at 3:45am. We need to pray over our home. Sitting for 4 months has been hard in it.

Some things we are looking forwards to is getting to have our dog Diesel back. Blake’s birthday on Thursday. A party on Saturday and getting to go to Church Sunday.

The Adventure continues.

Here are some pics.  Aww maybe not…Still learning how to make them under 2MB.

Our 2016 memories

Our 2016

Our 2016 memories
Our 2016 memories

Now that 2016 is coming to a close, I like to spend time thinking about all that has happened over the year. For us we always have so much change each year

I don’t really think about all of it until I start to list it out.

Travel from AZ to MT
Buy a truck that Scott and Blake drove back to AZ
Scott working full time
Move into house on church site that we remodeled Nov and Dec of 2015
Boys turn 2, 5, 7
Buy a 5th wheel
Travel 11 states
Move in with with my mom
Find a church and community here
Have a baby
Frequent visits to Missoula
Prepare to go back to AZ.
Plus all the fun adventure we go on as a family off-roading, camping, exploring, traveling, and seeing friends.

I want to make a video of our pictures as a little recap/reminder of our year. So I started the video and got all the way to July and had over 300 pictures in it and the shortest I could make it is 12 minutes. I made part 1. January- June 2016. OH NO. The file is to big for this web page…

Things I need to do:

  • learn how to make images and videos smaller so they work on this blog
  • make part 2 of 2016 video