Christmas in our home

This was our first Christmas spending it without other family or friends and in our home(trailer). We really wanted to embrace and go all in for Christmas spirt. We had a few presents for the kids and some money for experiences to share and make memories. We had a very difficult time finding campgrounds to stay at in Texas but after calling about 15 different places we found one site that we could be at for a week and kinda settle at to spend Christmas there. We did a lot of light looking, town exploring and spent more time then desired inside because it’s cold and rainy here in Texas. It’s really a bummer and unplanned for because we thought(expected) sunshine and warm.

I cooked our first lasagna for Christmas Eve. We had plans to go to a families house, strangers actually but we had met them and talked to them while looking at lights late one night when we were still out and about with overly tired kids and a long drive home. They invited us for brunch Christmas Day. They wanted to learn more about RV life and we were wanting friendship and social conservations. Around 5am Christmas morning g Brayton started throwing up so we cancelled those plans ? and spent the day very chill and lazy.