Our 2016 memories

Our 2016

Our 2016 memories
Our 2016 memories

Now that 2016 is coming to a close, I like to spend time thinking about all that has happened over the year. For us we always have so much change each year

I don’t really think about all of it until I start to list it out.

Travel from AZ to MT
Buy a truck that Scott and Blake drove back to AZ
Scott working full time
Move into house on church site that we remodeled Nov and Dec of 2015
Boys turn 2, 5, 7
Buy a 5th wheel
Travel 11 states
Move in with with my mom
Find a church and community here
Have a baby
Frequent visits to Missoula
Prepare to go back to AZ.
Plus all the fun adventure we go on as a family off-roading, camping, exploring, traveling, and seeing friends.

I want to make a video of our pictures as a little recap/reminder of our year. So I started the video and got all the way to July and had over 300 pictures in it and the shortest I could make it is 12 minutes. I made part 1. January- June 2016. OH NO. The file is to big for this web page…

Things I need to do:

  • learn how to make images and videos smaller so they work on this blog
  • make part 2 of 2016 video



Baby #4 if here. Our GIRL

Baby #4 is here

Baby #4 if here. Our GIRL
Baby girl born 8/7/2016 8lbs 4oz 21inches

Baby #4 is here!  Born on our 11th anniversary August 7th 2016 at 2:54am. To everyone’s surprise but to most folks hopes our baby GIRL was born. She was born at home in the birth pool. I had contractions that started and stopped all day, Scott’s parents came over in the afternoon, but around 11:30pm with no contractions happening we all went to bed. At midnight (now our anniversary which we truly didn’t want to share) labor stated. A little shy of 3 hours later Scott proudly announces, “Cari, we have a little girl!”