Louisiana and Mississippi

Alright I don’t know what happened but every time I update this and add more content and pictures it doesn’t save. So I give up. I will add some pictures and call it good. Not very detailed and we did a lot more in these two states then I wrote about.


We felt like we have entered into a new planet. We have never been in an environment like this. The ground is swampy then there are thick palms then there are huge trees and vines grounding and hanging from them. Also there are huge bare trees with Spanish moss growing on them. They look all spooky like from a dark movie, especially in the areas the mist is rolling in.

We experienced a lot of firsts here such as

  • First alligators
  • First time eating crawfish
  • First armadillos
  • First bayous
  • First beignets
  • We drove over the Mississippi River
  • We drove through Baton Rouge at 5 miles an hour,on the interstate
  • We learned to avoid I-10, it’s so rough

We also drove past the church Scott came down to help rebuild with a mission trip in 2005. The church had since been rebuilt on stilts. We were shocked at the amount of damage and the amount of vacant places there are now. A Sheriff told us that we would probably not see more then 10 folks on the road over our next 2 hour stretch. He was right. It’s a odd feeling driving a coastal highway that is empty and properties that are just stilts or foundations instead of homes.


We learned that in the south the states all have a welcome center right when you enter the state. That’s helpful. We enjoyed the welcome center and even got a lot of info about the up coming Mardi Gras. We didn’t know we were in Mardi Gras week. We went to 2 parades and learned that they are not what we northerners have heard or believe them to be. Well at least not all of them. They are full of joy, culture, traditions and history. We have never had that much fun at a parade before. We also came home with pounds and pounds of beads. We met a lot of folks that were so friendly and kind. It was nice. Also as a northerner, did anyone else not realize there is so much coast line in Mississippi? (and later we learn the same in Alabama). The Gulf Coast here has miles of beaches, bike trails and even an island of the coast that we hear has amazing blue water on the other side.

Padre Island and Corpus Christi Texas

We spent a little over 2 weeks here after we randomly decided to come down here to escape the freezing temps coming to the Austin Area. We didn’t want to deal with, nor prepared to deal with those types of temperatures. We stated at Padre Balli City Park. It’s not much right one because of hurricane damage. They are making a nice area with pave sites and grass. Currently it’s just a old paved parking lot with picnic tables. BUT the ocean is only a sand dune away. It’s right across from Mika’s seafood on the pier.

You can enter Padre Island National Park and drive 53 miles of undeveloped ocean coast line all whiling looking for tons of shells and sea turtles. We drove it twice and 4 wheel drive is a must. We had to pull a truck out that got stuck. We had several times we thought we may get stuck. I watched a video on what to do in the area from Day Tripper. He had great information.

We met another family who had a kiddo the boys age and those boys spent every second together out there exploring and making caves. The family has paddle boards and let Scott and I take them out into the ocean. It was a blast and so peaceful being out there with nothing but water around. It was still and quiet and kinda blue. I was kinda nervous because I have a weird mental fear of what could be under me. It was worth it and overcoming fear is a powerful thing. I won’t let it hold me back or miss out.

Some pics of Canyon Lake TX

I am doing laundry and have WiFi so I thought I would share a few pictures. Scott updated my phone and backed up my 1000s of pictures and removed them from my phone. So I only have a few to share.

We are in Canyon Lake TX and survived our first few days of living in the trailer through freezing temps. Nothing froze but the outside water spicket. https://adventureforth.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/img_4468.mov

2018=Firsts for Family

Welcome 2018!

This year will be full of firsts for our family. First time in most of the states we are going to, firsts in exploring, firsts in adding adventure to our adventure, first in life. We are excited for it all. We are going to try to add other firsts to our mundane normal days as well.

Being at the Gulf of Mexico is our firsts first for the family. Amongst that we have had many more firsts some including this I shared on Instagram

Today was amazing! SO many firsts for the family. We met this awesome family who travel in this van a few days ago. They told us where in the beach they were camping, at mile 53 along the coast #so we decided to check out the shell beaches and see if we could find them. We did. It was awesome! They let us borrow their paddle boards and take them out ON THE OCEAN. I haven’t even done that. It was the best thing ever, and it was just Scott and I😍. They also cooked all of us dinner, yeah from their van, the 6 of us…they are only a family of 3. They rock! Oh and we also found a TON of shells and pulled a rig out of the sand at 9:30pm. It was fun. I didn’t get any other pictures the. The one scott took by the fire. Scott also swam in the ocean and the kiddos all fell in as they ran and jumped waves. #adventureforth

We also have gone shelling, met great folks, ate shrimp freshly caught, and been to new towns.

Christmas in our home

This was our first Christmas spending it without other family or friends and in our home(trailer). We really wanted to embrace and go all in for Christmas spirt. We had a few presents for the kids and some money for experiences to share and make memories. We had a very difficult time finding campgrounds to stay at in Texas but after calling about 15 different places we found one site that we could be at for a week and kinda settle at to spend Christmas there. We did a lot of light looking, town exploring and spent more time then desired inside because it’s cold and rainy here in Texas. It’s really a bummer and unplanned for because we thought(expected) sunshine and warm.

I cooked our first lasagna for Christmas Eve. We had plans to go to a families house, strangers actually but we had met them and talked to them while looking at lights late one night when we were still out and about with overly tired kids and a long drive home. They invited us for brunch Christmas Day. They wanted to learn more about RV life and we were wanting friendship and social conservations. Around 5am Christmas morning g Brayton started throwing up so we cancelled those plans 😫 and spent the day very chill and lazy.

New Mexico

SNOW?!?!! )

Nope…White Sand

We were trying to jump at the same time Lol. I really wanted to get a cool jumping pic of us all. Couldn’t get it so I just decided to be silly.

When we got here we decided to stay at an escapee co op park since we are members. I called and they had openings so we headed that way. We showed up and were the first family to a stay there. The lady in charge welcomed us and said that we are the future of Xscapers and that they need to be used to families amongst the RV communities. They even introduced us to everyone at the happy hour. I was nervous but everyone said they loved seeing the kids around.😍

Carlsbad Caverns.<<< era died before we were even halfway thorough exploring. And it's hard to take pictures in a cave. <<<<<<<<<<<<< n!!

First week in Texas

It has been a week in Texas. It was not easy to get here though. After the delay if having to get our jack replaced we finally were able to be on our way. After leaving New Mexico we chose a cut across highway, 285, to I-10. DON’T EVER DRIVE THAT ROAD EVER!!! It was at night, it was really only for big heavy oil rigs and haulers. The road was so rough and full of pot holes. Trucks were everywhere, it was so dusty. We had to drive slow…60… so we didn’t do to much damage to our tires and the stuff in our trailer. We couldn’t go slower because we were being pushed-pressured- by the big rigs wanting to go 80. When we got to Pecos we could even stay at the Walmart because it was so full of trucks and oil rigs. The town was covered in a thick layer of dust and jam packed with crews. It was crazy. Scott says it’s just like the movie Mad Max. So we kept on driving to Fort Stockton.

We are spending this week in Castroville TX outside San Antonio.

Adventure Awaits.

We are spending our last few hours in phoenix at a great little coffee shop while our trailer gets road ready at the shop. Long story, but we took it in for maintenance a few weeks ago and got it back with no brakes and a broken jack…hummm???? Anyways, we are headed to Tucson then will make our way to White Sands NM then Austin TX.

Our time in Phoenix has been great. It’s always so nice to be with friends again and to be able to do life with others and have community again. It’s lonely traveling just the 6 of us sometimes( may blog about that later). 2 of our friends had babies while we were here and we got to be with a bunch of friends for thanksgiving. Our church is going strong at the property and looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas.

Our plan is from TX we will make our way to Florida and stay until winter and snow is over everywhere else. Then we will explore the whole east coast and hopefully visit my family that is over there.

Enough words. Here are some pictures.