Sweet Home Alabama

I have been excited to get to Alabama the whole trip. I didn’t really have any specific reason but I wanted to see it because of how I picture the south in my head. Oh it was better than what I thought in my mind. We stayed out on country roads surrounded by thick trees, green fields and the cutest homes with front porches and yards. The folks were all so friendly and had great “accents” and respond respectfully yes sir and yes ma’am’s. The food, well it’s fried, extra sweet and not colorful; but we did learn about conecuh sausage that is really good.

Mobile- We went and explored the USS Alabama Destroyer War Ship and The Drum Submarine. We learned a lot and got to walk around the whole ship.

Blakeley- state park that is a civil war battlefield. We learned about the war and Confederate and Union sides. What the way was about. We also got to run around and pretend what it would have been like as we hid in trenches, saw sharp tree spike guard fences and the pits and walls where soldiers were. Walked on the ground that men lost their lives for us for our freedom. It was powerful and impactful for us all.


We boondocked at Big Daddy’s Grill. Great spot. Fun for kids to play at sand pit while parents have a beer or eat. On the river with a dock to go out on. We met some great friends that we connected with very quickly. Can’t wait to hang out again. We even had them all over to our house for dinner. It was a great time.

  • Good  Coffee: Refuge
  • Good Breweries: Fairhope Brewing
  • Good Libraries: Fairhope= AMAZING Could spend all day every day there. Kids have their own area and can be normal, roam, use computers, great story times. LOVE IT!.

Gulf Shore= big hotels and beach house rows. Eat at Flip Flop Deli. Watch out for sand gnats- noseeums- they itch bad. We like Fort Morgan beach area. It was less tourist hangout and commercialized

Pictures that speak for themselves.

By far one of our TOP favorite places.

Our first Escapade

We went to Tuscon Arizona for our first Escapees Escapade. The 57th Escapade 2017. There we became Escapees, Xscapers and Fulltime Families Members. It was a great experience  Here are some pictures and short memories to go with them.

During Boot Camp we were the only family. We had a few glares and a lot of encouragement but we were always noisy and going in and out. Aveyah was happy and got held by many strangers. She did a great job napping in our arms.

This is the grass area where all the kids congregated and played for hours making up all sorts of games and fun.

My kids ended each day a little tanner, with a lot more dirt and sweat on them. Oh boy did they all sleep good every night.

Mornings were spent with the patio down and the cool morning air filling our house and refreshing us for the day ahead.

She loves the cool shade and the grass, even though it was not soft grass. At one point she had 3 girls from the site over playing with her. She loved all the attention she received.

We did a home school Field trip. This is the group that went to the Pima Air Museum.

Home school field trip to the Pima Air Museum. This cockpit is a toy for kids to play and push buttons.My boys were sad when they had to get out and share it with all the other eager kids.

We meet so many other families. Many had bikes and wanted to go for a ride.We did a Mountain bike ride and parent/ kid swap. The guys rode first while mommas watched kiddos then the moms went for a ride while the dads packed up the camp and watched the kids.

This is our biking set up in the parking lot. Shade, toys and stuff to make a barricade from the road so kiddos would stay safe. The Little man V would rather be out in the parking lot keeping his mom chasing after him as he watched (preferably more closely) the cars driving by.


More of our biking set up. It worked great until the wind picked up. We chased that blue sun shade a few times. The red one was like a parachute.

Tuscon sunsets are beautiful. Always pinks and purples mixed in. Beauty even in the Walmart parking lot.

We ran out of water the last night we were there so the dished didn’t get done. Smelly yes but we just covered the sink and pretended they weren’t there.

And I didn’t do Laundry either…Actually I did do it once at our friends house after 4 days, This is last last 6 days worth.

Over all it was a great experience. Not relaxing, but very encouraging to learn from other families that are just as crazy adventurous as we are. I now want to redo the inside of our home to be more functional and home-ish. It is possible, I saw many good ideas. We stopped at IKEA on our way home a did a quick browse through and measurements/planning.

The biggest bummer- Internet accessibility for Scott to work.

Other pluses. There was a dressage and a jumping horse show both of the weekends we were there which just happened to be right next to us.So I spent the morning watching the horse shows from our patio.

-Hello world-

Welcome to Adventure Forth. We hope to use this blog as a way to document what real life is like for the 6 of us living in a 43ft 5th-wheel while traveling. I don’t want to just write, share, and look back on the good times; and by good times I mean the pretty places, the good behavior, the fun times, the easy times. No, I want to write, share and reminiscence about the real times. The raw emotions, the exhaustion of driving, the chaos of 6 in a small space, the breakdowns, the conflicts, the giving up points; because, through all those times, the good, the beautiful, the grace and closeness is built, felt and cherished more. This season for us to live this way will be hard and totally chaotic but it will be rewarding and create life long memories.

We also want to use this blog to store pictures and lessons we learned about the states we went through, the places we stayed and the “school” we did. It will be our journal of this season of our lives. It will be our attempt to document and try to capture the mobile life.

If you are interested in any of it please follow us and be a part of this with us. We want to travel to friends and family where they exist. See the folks we haven’t seen in a long time. Meet up with friends in other places/ states to enjoy time together and nature and activities. We want you to read about the realness we share and stay connected to us as we are away. One reason we want to stay connected through this blog is that starting in January we wont be on Facebook. Cari does have Instagram @luv2Bactive and will post some there so follow her there if you wish.

Cheers to trying to be a blogger sharing real life.



Just a warning. Most of the blog posts will be short and simple, probably done from my phone, so please don’t expect perfect spelling, grammar or punctuation because I wont be doing numerous editing before posting. If I don’t just write and post then my posts sit as drafts forever and don’t get shared. Now you are warned, so just smile at the errors because its real life and its going by fast…ain’t nobody got time for that editing stuff (unless its super important to you and your writing)