First Flight. Wright Brothers

Two wrongs don’t make a right but what do two Wrights make?

We spent several hours learning about Orviel and Wilber Wright and the pure determination and will power they had that drove them on their crazy adventure to flight. We learned so much about them and the extreme challenges and events they had to endure in the years it took them to build, test and eventually fly the planes they created.

From where they lived to were they built the plane and tried to fly was a 7 day trip that involved train rides, boat rides and miles and miles of walking. For a time they had to pack their plane in pieces during that travel. The plane parts weighed over 100 lbs. Dayton to Outer Banks NC. Eventually they were able to move and build a shed to build and store their plane in. The lived in a tent but the humidity was so bad they couldn’t stand being in it but the mosquitos were so bad they had to be in it and covered with blankets.

The hill they packed their airplane glider with a rutter up to was 90 feet up. They had to walk across the field and up the hill every time they tested it. Guess how many times they did it? 1000. Do you think they had folks help them? Yes they did. That’s some determination!!

Long interesting story short they had a guy in their bike shop build a engine for their glider plane made the journey back to Outer Banks with the engine and spent months and months working in the plane and trying to fly. Then one day they did. 4 times with the longest flight being almost a minute.

We got to run down the strip where they flee stopping at easy marker where the flights landed. We got to run up the hill that they hiked those 1000s of times and we got to pretend/ see the event happen with the statues replicating the picture that was taken of the moment of the First Flight

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