Aveyah’s first hike

Aveyah went on her first hike with out being in her pack. We are in Medicine Bow National Forest hiking Tipple Trail. We usually carry her in our Osprey hiking backpack which we love. She has only been walking for about 3 weeks but has gotten very confident. She didn’t want help walking. She wanted to step on every white shiny rock she passed. She touched the trees, the dirt, the moss, the flowers and carried rocks in her hands. She hummed the whole time, toddling along way behind and usually wanting to go off the trail.

“Hey mom you still following me?  Ok. Just checking.”

The area was BEAUTIFUL and I wanted to take so many pictures but sadly my camera battery was dead and my phone was full so I just took millions of mental pictures. I will post more of my pics on the blog( link in bio).#adventureforth #medicinebownationalforest #bornwild #girlshikedifferentthenboys

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