Checklist for our trip Colorado-Wyoming

  • Drive the 8th of 10 most dangerous roads in Colorado. Douglas Pass Road.
  • Truck over heated on that pass twice.
  • Went to Dinasaur CO, but the exhibit was closed 🙁
  • Dodged Antelope with our rig, thankfully all the free range cattle stayed off the road.
  • Breweries visited: 0
  • Coffee shops visited: 1
  • Number of states we have seen on license plates: 27
  • Went to Jackson Hole Wy. Downtown was too croweded so we had no desire to shop or walk around. It was hard enough driving our rig through downtown. So thankful Scott is an awesome driver.
  • Went to Grand Tetons National Park. Spent 5 days exploring it.
  • Hikes 7 miles total, boys included, only Aveyah got to be carried.
  • Picked huckleberries.
  • Boys found a snake at Snake River and named it Slither.
  • Left Grand Tetons becuase it got so smokey we couldn’t even see them from the road.
  • Wildlife we saw: 2 moose, mamma black bear with 2 cubs, lots of buffalo,  pronghorns, and a male grizzly bear. Oh and lots of chipmunks!
  • Spend 10 days on vacation not having to travel and work.
  • Made lots of good memeories of adventuring.

Here are a few pictures. Zoom in, the Tetons are there somewhere. Getting their first Jr. Ranger Badge

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