Things that are hard. 

So we have been settled in our friends driveway for about 2 months and have noticed a few things that are normal life situations, but, that are hard when living in a 5th wheel. One is laundry. We don’t have a way to do it in here or where we are staying, so we fill out basket then go to Scott’s parents and spend a few hours washing it all, throw it into the basket again and get home with wrinkled clothes. That’s not all; when all our laundry is clean we don’t have enough drawer space or hangers for it all to be put away.

Sickness. 2 of the boys were sick and spent over 5 days in bed on what we had as the sick-bed. It took up most of the living room, Aveyah would not stay off it. The puke bowl was next to it but in front of the back door. I only have one set of sheets for that bed.  We couldn’t go anywhere because we didn’t want us to speed the germs so we all spent a lot of time confined in the trailer and we all wanted out. It did t help that it was memorial day weekend, a long weekend we should have camped or somewhere cool.


How fast our gray water tank fills up.  When the dish water doesn’t drain down the sink, it’s time to put on the gloves and haul the blue tank out for at least 4 runs of dumping the water. Oh joy. Never at convenient times and I have to use my precious time while Aveyah is napping to empty it.  To give us a little longer between fill ups we decided to use paper plates which creates another hard issue-trash.  We are using our friends trash and if their roadside bin is full we have to store it and haul it to Scott’s parents house.


Crawling =falling out the door twice, getting to everything and putting it in her mouth, cleaning up all food that falls on the ground, climbing the stairs and falling down. Getting into the bath room and shredding toilet paper or playing in the toilet, following me everywhere.









Not enough room to shop at Costco.we have to store some extra food items on the floor which is double hard with the previous mention of crawling and eating everything.







And just like in any house mice are no fun but for some reason they disgust me more knowing they are in our trailer and we catch them nightly and clean up poop trails constantly. I guess that’s what we get for living on a ranch. Can’t beat the view we have every day though.

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