Oh Missoula How We Have Missed You

We got to Missoula Tuesday the 24th. It was a great trip getting here. We left phoenix on the 21st and since that is my birthday I wanted  to see if I could get free coffees along the way. I forgot that we can’t just go anywhere and park to get coffee. I did get one free one and only had to block part of a parking lot. We went to Lone Rock at Lake Powell what a beautiful  place.  We stayed right on the shore. Our neighbor was an awesome lady that let us have a bonfire with her and even made metal hangers into marshmallow sticks for the boys. She took some photos that actually had all 6 of us in them but sadly she never sent them to me.  Makes me wonder if I gave her the wrong number.

We camped at Walmart next to a swampy “pond” and Brayton found a lot of worms.

Next we made it to Fairmont Hot Springs and spent the evening swimming and going down the water slide.

Since being in Missoula we have moved 3 times and now enjoy a great view parked at our friends ranch.

The weekend of Mothers Days and that week we will be in Spokane,WA.

Now to add some pictures…


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