What…Its March already?!?!

Wow I am not sure what has happened but some how its March already. I don’t even know what to jot down because its been a while but every day seems to just blur together in the normal mundane everydayness that even in a trailer wears ya down. We have been enjoying our time in Phoenix. The boys are so tan as they have been spending most of the days outside jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, building forts or just turning sticks into guns and downed trees into jets. Aveayh has changed alot. she has 2 bottom teeth that have just poked through, she is 7 months old now and despite my attempt to keep her in unmobile she is sitting up, rolling, scooting backwards and pushing up to hands and knees. Once is she crawling everything on the floor in our home will be a danger…small legos, dropped food, dog food, rocks. How do you baby proof a tiny home with 6 people in it?

We are preparing for a trip to Tuscon on the 15th for an RV Escapees Boot Camp where we hope to get back in to the feel of traveling with our home, learn more about trailer and traveling saftey and gain advice from other folks we meet doing the same thing. We really hope that we get to chat with other folks and families.

We have still been dealing with trailer issues. currently we have a sewer smell that we cant figure out where or what its from. Its not in the bathrooms but coming up from underneath in the living room and kitchen area. Maybe the new sewer line we dug is not right or air is coming up through the tank, or maybe it overflowed or something.

Her first 2 teeth.

We have a lot of flies in our house. I would give the boys a nickel for everyone they kill but since they can’t remember to shut the door I am going to charge a quarter everytime I find the doors open. They are letting the flies in faster then they are killing them.

she is up on hands and knees…oh no little one not yet!

real life= full sink after one meal and a cute girl who likes water, and also needs a bath.

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