Quick update and timeline. 

Super random picture because I just erased them all off my phone; I had no more room to take any new ones so this is all I had. Huge bananas that boys loved. 

We only have a few days left of living at my moms house in Spokane WA. It is hard to leave because she has been such an amazing help to us as an extra set of hands, extra adult, a support system for us as parents and an encourager for Scott and I to get out and have a date. It will be a big adjustment for me. Saturday Jan 22nd we leave for Missoula MT to be with Scott’s parents for a week then Jan 29th we fly to Phoenix AZ. While in Missoula Shane and Brayton will have their birthdays (Jan 23rd &27th). I want to make them special even amongst the busyness of preparing to move again. A few days after we get to Phoenix Blake will have his Birthday (Feb 2nd) and we will do a group party Feb 4th. Also Miss Aveyah is 5 months old and loves her feet and hands but hates to be anywhere but someone’s arms. 

February we plan to be in Phoenix living in our 5th wheel in our friends backyard. Most of March we will be traveling to Tucson and Yuma. April and May will be in Phoenix again and then plan to start our travels in May. We will probably be traveling around the West visiting National Parks.

So far that’s our plan. It’s pretty open and not very planned but most of that is becuase we want to see how Aveyah does. She is not a good traveler in the car ( super big bummer for our life style right now). Not sure what we will be doing or where we will be at as next winter approaches… :/…where are the emoji faces when I need them?

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