We boondocked at a great spot with great hosts. It was a fun little farming area. Jay taught me how to cook corn on the cob and shrimp in the instant pot.

We also stayed at a State Park and the Fair Grounds.

It was a quick trip in the state.

Took mostly fun pictures of the kids and the fields and farms.

Tennessee- May

Knoxville – We went to a church in a coffee shop down town. We went to a blue grass folk festival. We also went to a NSRA car show and got to do ride alongs in the auto rally cross track.

Pigeon Forge- Grandparents and a cabin stay. Touristy town with a lot of amusement activities but we spent time in the Great Smokey Mountains ⛰

It’s been 11 months since we have seen family. We FaceTime and talk on the phone a lot but it’s not the same as being together. We sure miss them. The comfort being at our parents house, the kids being with their grandparents and cousins. Scott and I getting to be with our siblings and nieces and nephews. Staying in contact is hard and especially for the kids. They grow so fast and are always changing. BUT we get to see our family soon!!! I (Cari) will be flying to Spokane we met my new niece. I will get to be with by family. I will have Aveyah with me so they will get to see her and toddlerhood ways. Scotts parents will fly to Tennessee to be with the boys and Scott. When Aveyah and I fly back his parents will still be there so we get to see them and they get to see Aveyah and get their hugs and snuggles.

I made a separate post about being home and my niece. Find that here Plane ride=meet Niece


What a unique place. For starters it’s mottos is “Virginia is for lovers”. What? Want to know the story behind that. Also it’s such a mix of historical events, centuries old, original colonies and modern shopping, eating and tourism. It’s green and humid, It has swamps, rivers and beaches and thick trees, farm fields, giant industries and manufacturers . And we have only seen the eastern part of it.

We stayed in Newport News and went to Yorktown and Jamestown. We will do Williamsburg when we come back someday.

JamesTown with The Chicks Life

We stayed at Pocahontas State Park which is an amazing campground with access to a pool with slides, toys, kiddie pool and all other swimming options. We met a family that was camping there who has 5 girls. They we’re there for a homeschooling convention. The kiddos all connected and played non stop. Riding bike around and around, playing at the pool and around the campground. We went to an historical settlement that re-enacted the 1700s way of life with farming tobacco, home life, gardening and cooking. The kids weeded the tobacco crops, moved dirt to cover the potatoes and moved fire wood into the house.

I don’t remember how it all happened but I know we went between Virginia, WaDc and Maryland a few times. We had to get new truck tires and have some other work done. We went back to DC to do the zoo and the Air and Space Museum super quick. It was a busy day with a lot of walking. We saw a mama gorilla with her baby, a tiger swimming, and pandas being super lazy inside where it was cool. We watched an elephant 🐘 taking a dust bath and another one itching itself the hanging tires

Georgia 🇬🇪

Savannah is awesome to tour at night amongst all the squares and statues and old churches illuminated by light. The cobblestone streets, the carriages, the architecture and the parks have a majestic ancient feel.

We also went to Jekyll Island where we first saw the Atlantic Ocean on a beach full of living sand dollars. We went to Driftwood Beach that is unique and beautiful. Caution. Do t be barefoot the shells and mussels slice your feet open. Poor Blake had some major cuts that required days of bandages and extreme care. I guess infections from those cuts can be really bad and require hospital care. We saw historical buildings that were used in the 1700’s for the wealthy prestigious folks of the time.

Some other things we did:

-Augusta during the Masters Golf Tournament. Didn’t know it was going on.

-Rice plantation where we got to tour the house, servants quarters, farm buildings and rice fields.

-Boondocked at a great couples house and went to Easter service with them at their church.

I am so behind…We are in Delaware.

I finally have WiFi where we are camped boondocking in Delaware. I have not updated my blog because (my excuse is) I have not had WiFi. I thought I would just get on today and knock out the last 7 states we have been through..haha… first I need to get the pics off my camera then off Scott’s phone then off my phone, sort through them for the best looking ones (side note, I need and would love to take a photography class) that aren’t too blurry or have a head cut off. Then I need to try and remember what we did in each state. That’s a lot and it overwhelmed me. Maybe I will just do a quick recap then when I have time..haha again… I can add each state. The only problem is we keep going to new states and I get further behind.

Also I have noticed I have stopped taking as many pictures or making sure I have my good camera with us. This is kinda sad as far as the documenting side of it goes. It’s also kind of nice because we aren’t posing for pics or stopping to smile at the camera. We just say “lock this in your memories ” and continue on adventuring. Yes I have forgotten a lot the this happened at this moment things that I would use the pictures to help me document but I have tried to not stress or be sad that I didn’t or couldn’t to get a picture of that.

Anyways we are currently in Delaware farm country. Across the street is a super smelly, chickens in the 10,000+ , packed in long barns with mist going into them. Those are everywhere. Advice- don’t, I repeat don’t get behind a semi full of chickens. On the side of us out our window is a beautiful field with thistles that right now have big purple flowers on them. The field is green, the sky is blue, the flowers are purple, the butterflies are white and the little barns are red. It’s almost perfect (remember the smell? And the humidity and the heat)!

We picked some flowers or weeds from the field today. I tried to get pictures of Aveyah in the field but she didn’t like the poky weeds.

Here are the pictures

Killen’s Pond State ParkHaircut . He saw a kid at the beach with this long top haircut. I tried to copy it. she is catching fire flies

Here are the places we like

3rd wave brewing, Dogfish Head Brewing, Amity coffee shop, Hasting Butcher Shop, Killen State Park

First Flight. Wright Brothers

Two wrongs don’t make a right but what do two Wrights make?

We spent several hours learning about Orviel and Wilber Wright and the pure determination and will power they had that drove them on their crazy adventure to flight. We learned so much about them and the extreme challenges and events they had to endure in the years it took them to build, test and eventually fly the planes they created.

From where they lived to were they built the plane and tried to fly was a 7 day trip that involved train rides, boat rides and miles and miles of walking. For a time they had to pack their plane in pieces during that travel. The plane parts weighed over 100 lbs. Dayton to Outer Banks NC. Eventually they were able to move and build a shed to build and store their plane in. The lived in a tent but the humidity was so bad they couldn’t stand being in it but the mosquitos were so bad they had to be in it and covered with blankets.

The hill they packed their airplane glider with a rutter up to was 90 feet up. They had to walk across the field and up the hill every time they tested it. Guess how many times they did it? 1000. Do you think they had folks help them? Yes they did. That’s some determination!!

Long interesting story short they had a guy in their bike shop build a engine for their glider plane made the journey back to Outer Banks with the engine and spent months and months working in the plane and trying to fly. Then one day they did. 4 times with the longest flight being almost a minute.

We got to run down the strip where they flee stopping at easy marker where the flights landed. We got to run up the hill that they hiked those 1000s of times and we got to pretend/ see the event happen with the statues replicating the picture that was taken of the moment of the First Flight